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MEGA Winter Bundle - Blissful Winter Action Set, Holiday Light Overlays PLUS Snow Overlays


Image of MEGA Winter Bundle - Blissful Winter Action Set, Holiday Light Overlays PLUS Snow Overlays

Blissful Winter Action set is a fun, fresh action to add drama and winter feelings to your portraits!! Add Bright, Bold Cool tones to your images to give the feel of the snowy winter days in just one click and minor adjustments to taste.

These actions are designed to be as simple as possible. Load your actions in Photoshop and/or Elements and start playing!

It is recommended that you run these "finishing actions" AFTER you have done your clean edit.

Be bold or stay simple, with this set you can choose!

How to Use this action Sets:
Simply download and save your action from your purchase link.
Load your action into your actions palette in Photoshop.

Click Play and Have Fun!

Tips for using Blissful Winter action:
Each layer is adjustable, editable and includes an easy to use mask for removing or adding effects to your image.
The Blissfully Winter Background Paint on layer will show NO effect until, using a soft WHITE brush, you paint on this layer mask to bring to life
the cold barren winter.
Adjust the opacity of layers, duplicate layers get creative!

**Please note that the Snow Shower extra action will FLATTEN your image (as it is required to run smoothly) so make sure that you are ready to flatten before
adding some snow fun to your image!**

Light Me UP Overlays bring a little bit of holiday cheer and cozy feels to your portraits! If you are a studio photographer, shooting with studio lights..especially in small spaces, the look of holiday bokeh is sometimes just not possible, Light Me Up Overlays makes it possible! From Holiday Bokeh, Tree Lights, to candle flames and Hot Cocoa steam... Each overlay is high resolution and easy to use with a simple drag and drop. Use a simple screen blend mode, blurs, duplicate layers and layer adjustments in Photoshop to create your very own look.
These Overlays are designed to be as simple as possible. Its as simple as drag and drop...set your blending mode to screen and mask away where you don't want your lights and effects will appear! Simple and easy!
Set include:
2 candle flame overlays
3 colored light tree overlays
4 fireplace flame overlays
2 steam overlays
8 white light tree overlays
6 bokeh light overlays with slight variations

Layer overlays for different looks, or keep it simple.

**Please note that these actions will work with PSE and Photoshop CS2 or later. **

You may NOT:
Resell these actions
Distribute these actions
You may not simply change layer names or make minor alterations and resell these actions as your own.
You may not take elements from within the actions and resell or distribute separately.

Due to the nature of these digital products all sales are final, no refund will be given.

A basic working knowledge of Photoshop and/or Elements is needed to work with these actions.